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Get the latest PC news, We aim to have the most up to date website when it comes to the latest PC news. Have a read of the latest PC news and let us know your thoughts in the comments. About PC Gaming – “PC games, also known as computer games or personal computer games, are video games played on a personal computer rather than a dedicated video game console or arcade machine. Their defining characteristics include a more diverse and user determined gaming hardware and software, and a generally greater capacity in input, processing, and video output.”

Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster coming 2021?

Mass Effect Trilogy remaster might be arriving in 2021 We might finally know when a long-rumoured remaster is coming. With a new artbook for the Mass Effect Trilogy appearing on the internet, fans are...

Rocket League

‘Rocket League’ Is Going Free-to-play After 5 Years

Rocket League Is Joining Free-To-Play! Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, has had a lot of growth in the five years since its release in July 2015. A game where you control cars in an attempt to sco...

Shadow Warrior 3

Watch 17 Minutes of Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

17 –  Minutes Of Amazing Footage Of Shadow Warrior 3! Shadow Warrior is returning to its roots as a linear, narrative-driven game in its third entry in the series. IGN has 17 minutes of footage ...

Yarntown Cleric Beast Screenshot

Bloodborne comes to PC with Yarntown

Bloodborne has finally come to PC … but not how you expected Well, fans of FromSoftware’s hit game Bloodborne have finally got what they want. You can now experience the world of Old Yharn...

Metacritic reviews postponed

MetaCritic user reviews locked for 36 hours!

No Bombs allowed! In an interesting move, the review service Metacritic has locked user reviews until 36 hours after game releases. As of right now, when you head to the site and try to post, you rece...

Destroy All Humans

Destroy All Humans releasing July 29th

Destroy All Humans is a remake of the 2005 open-world alien action game A new game from Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic is coming soon. The 2020 remake of 2005’s Destroy All Humans will releas...


Valve employees are interested in making a non-VR Half-Life game again

Valve Are Making A non-VR related Half-Life Game Valve’s recent critically acclaimed game, Half-Life: Alyx set a new bar for virtual reality games. You really feel like you’re part of the ...

PUBG Season 8

PUBG Season 8 Update as it reaches 70 Million Copies Sold

PUBG Hits 70 Million Copies Sold PUBG has hit a brand new milestone, just before the launch of the brand new Season 8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has hit 70 million copies sold across all dev...


Skull & Bones is getting REBOOTED

Skull & Bones, an upcoming pirate game from Ubisoft, is seeing major changes before release Way back in 2017, Ubisoft announced the game Skull & Bones to the world at E3. However, after years ...

A.I. Teammates added to Breakpoint

A.I. Team mates coming to Breakpoint

You guys are late to the party! September 2019. I was lucky enough to play the Ghost Recon Breakpoint BETA. Two days later I cancelled my pre-order. October 2019. Breakpoint is released amid terrible ...

Lego NES

Lego NES Leaked

Prepare your wallets boys and girls! In case you are getting bored of playing on your Switch/Xbox/PS4/Pc/Whatever box, you can always build something. That’s right folks, for just two-hundred of...


Valorant’s ‘Enderflame’ Skin Collection Costs $100

Valorant Now Has Skins That Cost Over $100, Whats Next Valorant has only been out of beta for a month and a half and it’s already achieved a massive player base. Valorant combines the defusal-ty...

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