Fortnite Reboot Van Coming Next Week

Epic Games took to YouTube today to announce that Reboot Vans will be coming in the next Fortnite update next week. The Reboot Van will work similar to how the respawn system work in Apex Legends. So for those of you that are unsure, when a team dies they will drop a reboot card which team member can take to the reboot van, which will bring back your dead team. Just be sure to have some extra loot...[Read More]

3 New Nintendo Switch Games Listed on Best Buy’s Employee System!

A Link To The Past!? Recently, three new Nintendo Switch games were added to Best Buy’s Employee system. The three games in question are: Persona 5 Metroid Prime Trilogy Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past Now, Persona 5 and Metroid Prime Trilogy have all been long rumoured, you could say these were expected… but Zelda: A Link To The Past? That is a strange one. This could be a mistake yes, but ‘L...[Read More]

Tetris 99 – Update 1.2.0 – New Features!

Update 1.2.0 Adds A New Hard Drop Sensitivity Setting And A New Win Screen… Amazing. Recently, version 1.2.0 has been released for the addictive battle royale game… Tetris 99. This version adds a new online disclaimer message, low and high hard drop sensitivity settings and a new win screen. Not the biggest of updates and most likely one the most players won’t actually notice… But anyway, If...[Read More]

April’s NES Games For Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Just like Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo releases free NES Games for their Online Subscribers.  April’s line-up consists of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out and Star Soldier. #SuperMario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, and Star Soldier are coming to Nintendo Entertainment System – #NintendoSwitchOnline on 04/10! #NES pic.twitt...[Read More]

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled will not feature cross-play

If you’re looking forward to the new Crash racing game and competing against all your friends, make sure to buy it on a console that everyone collectively owns because it will not feature crossplay. With this said the game will allow for online play but only across the same online console ( Xbox to Xbox, PS4 to PS4, etc ). “At the moment there’s no plan for cross-play at this time,” stated B...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat 11 coming to the Switch Physically This May

Mortal Kombat fans on the Switch looking forward to buying a physical copy of Mortal Kombat 11 will be disappointed to hear that the game won't be getting a physical release till May 10.

Fortnite Has Reverted Its Latest Changes

Fortnite V8.20 brought with it a lot of big changes, which many people were not happy with. Now the reason as to why many fans of the game were annoyed with Fortnite v8.20 is due to the fact that they took out Health/Shield upon kill. Something which had been in the game for a while and which gave players the ability to not worry about third partying as much, as if you killed a player you wouldn&#...[Read More]

OVERCOOKED 2 Campfire Cook Off DLC and Season Pass Revealed!

The Onion King has joined the Cookie Scouts in his latest bid to appease his kingdom! Recently, Team17 and Ghost Town Games revealed to us new downloadable content coming soon for Overcooked 2! This announcement also came with plans for a season pass meaning even more future content to come. The new DLC is called Campfire Cook Off. In the DLC You will head to the forests of the Onion Kingdom to co...[Read More]

Fortnite v8.20 Patch Notes – Poison Dart Trap, Arena Mode And More

Fortnite v8.20 has dropped and with it has come many changes, some changes which fans aren’t really happy with. This being the fact that Epic Games has taken out the health/shield on elimination out of normal games modes. The health/shield on elimination is only granted in arena mode. Leaving a lot of fans unhappy. A lot more changes have happened as well, so be sure to check out the full patch no...[Read More]

Wolfenstein’s New Co-op Shooter Youngblood Comes Out this July

Get ready to book a pair of tickets to alt-history Paris because Wolfenstein: Youngblood is coming out on July 26th, and the announcement even came with an action-packed new trailer. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is being developed by Machine Games and will take place 19 years after Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Players will be playing as series protagonists BJ Blazkowicz twin daughters named Jess an...[Read More]

Square Enix still in talks with Nintendo on Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV may only be for PS4 and PC so far but that could change. Square Enix has shown interest in bringing its game to Xbox and Nintendo before and again recently. In a GameSpot interview Naoki Yoshida, who is in charge of the game, said Square Enix is still in talks with Nintendo and Google both. Yoshida has said in previous interviews that Final Fantasy XIV needs to support cross-play...[Read More]

Dead Cells Gets a New Animated Trailer for it Rise of the Giants Free DLC

Earlier today Motion Twin released a brand new animated trailer for the upcoming free DLC for Dead Cell called Rise of the Giants. The new, and extremely well animated trailer, shows off some of the new enemies and boss fight that promise to kill players over and over again.   The Rise of the Giants DLC will include a new Cavern area, a new boss, 10 new enemies and in order to help overcome t...[Read More]

WayForward Announces New Shantae Game

WayForward has announce that they will be releasing a brand new Shantae game titled Shantae 5 later this year. The announcement, which was made on their official Twitter page, revealed that the game will be coming out for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC as well as the brand new Apple Arcade later this year. Unfortunately the announcement didn’t come with any other news related to the ...[Read More]

Fortnite Is Getting A Poison Trap

Fortnite’s in-game news feed has been updated to show that a brand new trap is coming to the game. The trap is called the Poison Trap, the description of the brand new poison trap is as follows: “It’s a Poison Trap! Watch your step lest you trigger a trap!” Fortnite in-game feed Though we are not sure on how the trap will work, judging from the image we can imagine it will work similar to ho...[Read More]

Two New Nintendo Switch Models Getting Announced at E3 – Report

It looks like Nintendo may have been beaten to the punch with another announcement because The Wall Street Journal has reported that Nintendo are set to announce two new Nintendo Switch models at this upcoming E3. While a Nintendo representative refused to comment when approached about this by The Wall Street Journal, they claimed that Nintendo is going to announce them a E3. They will then be rel...[Read More]

Realm Royale Coming To Nintendo Switch?!

It’s looking like Hi-Rez Studios are bring Realm Royale to the Nintendo Switch! Recently, Realm Royale dataminers found a line of text pointing to a possible Switch release. Given that Hi-Rez has already released Paladins and Smite on the eShop it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Realm Royale will be coming too. I should also mention that Paladins and Smite were both leaked for Switch throu...[Read More]

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