Fortnite Ikonik Excluive Skin With Samsung S10+

Samsung is back at it again teaming up with Epic Games to bring us an exclusive Fortnite skin. This is not the first time Samsung had teamed up with Epic Games as when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 released people who brought these devices would get the exclusive Galaxy skin. Now it appears that they are doing the same thing again as Samsung announced those who purchase the Samsung S1...[Read More]

Paladins New Champion Atlas

Paladins is getting a new champion called Atlas. Atlas will be a new frontline champion. Evil Mojo has been teasing this hero for months now, with them revealing new images on Twitter. As you can see from the images many fans of Paladins believed Lex and Kinessa could be Atlas’s parents. Which would make sense especially if you look at the information we got for Atlas. Atlas was born into th...[Read More]

New Game ‘Haven’ revealed by the ‘Furi’ developers!

Heading in a new direction – Haven is an Adventure RPG due for release in 2020 The Game Bakers, the studio behind Furi (a well received action game launched back in 2016 which is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already) have announced a new title by the name of ‘Haven’. The game is going for a completely different tone than that of Furi. According to the developer, “Haven i...[Read More]

New Doctor Mario Game Coming Soon!?

Nintendo has applied for new Dr. Mario and Dr. Mario World trademarks Recently, it has been reported that Nintendo has recently applied for new trademarks for the Dr. Mario games. The first trademark is Dr. Mario and the second trademark is for Dr. Mario World. The Dr. Mario World trademark covers a downloadable video game program for smart phones. As for the Dr. Mario trademark, this covers ...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch System Update 7.0.1

Nintendo has rolled out a Nintendo Switch System update today; however, I wouldn’t get too happy. As all this update does is fix an issue that some people were having when trying to sync their mobile. So everyone who is still holding out for themes, folders and many other much-needed changes will still have to wait, unfortunately. Here is the full changelog: General system stability improvem...[Read More]

The Witcher on the Nintendo Switch?

The rumor from last year stemmed from a French retailer posting a listing showing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Assassin’s Creed 3. Assassin’s Creed 3, we know, is definitely on its way to the Switch, so what does this mean for The Witcher 3? If this new information lends anything to the rumor, chances are we might actually see The Witcher come to the Nintendo Switch, in some capacity o...[Read More]

Final Fantasy IX Remaster Out Now

The Nintendo Direct yesterday was full of announcements, some of which got fans really excited. Final Fantasy IX was one of them, though any Final Fantasy news surely would have been. You can get the game on the Switch, PC, and Xbox One now though. With Final Fantasy VII coming to the Switch in March. Most fans are likely eagerly awaiting the remake of Final Fantasy VII more. There’s no wond...[Read More]

Latest Gameplay From Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Once again gamers will have the chance to suit up as their favorite superheroes from Marvel comics to battle Thanos and The Black Order. Recently announced during Nintendo Direct, Team Ninja (the team who brought us the Ninja Gaiden series), will bring players the opportunity to choose which superheroes they want on their team during this epic battle. Players can choose from The Avengers, The X-Me...[Read More]

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Coming To The Switch

Everyone probably was stoked for the Nintendo Direct that happened today. The biggest announcement was not until the end, when they announced Zelda Link’s Awakening remake coming to the Nintendo Switch. Link’s Awakening was one of the biggest most played games on the Game Boy in 1993. It was later updated with some color around 1998. I don’t know who else is as excited as I am fo...[Read More]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Has Been Delayed

During today’s highly anticipated Direct, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Three Houses has been delayed. The news was delivered after an impressive video that went in-depth into the game. Anime quality cut scenes were shown depicting the complicated struggle between the titular three houses. The overall story arc has the player enrolled in an officer’s school, where all three houses were repre...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed 3 Coming To Switch May 21st

Assassin’s Creed 3 had so many leaks over the past month, saying that it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. We had a website that leaked that the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Then we had Ubisoft themselves update their website, stating that Assassin’s Creed 3 was out on Switch. Well, it turns out all the rumours were true as in today’s Nintendo Direct, they a...[Read More]

Watch Dogs 3 Could be Next-Gen Launch Title

Ubisoft is not a company that takes a lot of time releasing games for its most successful franchises. So it’s surprising there hasn’t been a new Watch Dogs title since 2016’s Watch Dogs 2. Well, thanks to some good ol’ internet sleuthing, we may have some information that points to when the next entry in the popular hacker series will arrive. A couple of days ago, YouTuber Skullzi TV posted a vide...[Read More]

New Photo Mode ‘GO Snapshot’ introduced for Pokémon GO

Give me a pout Pikachu… That’s right a little more to the left.. now POSE! Recently, Niantic have announced a new feature for Pokémon GO called ‘GO Snapshot’. This new feature will allow you to easily take photos with any Pokémon you have in your Pokémon Storage. It isn’t exactly ‘Pokémon Snap’ however, it does beat using AR+ to take pictures within Pokémon GO and I have to admit, it does sound fa...[Read More]


The new monthly update for the Nintendo Switch has seen two new games officially released to the console which are Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. But this month the Switch doesn’t just get two, but four new games added to the online roster of NES games. The other two games that were added in the update were Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Blaster Master SP. Nintendo released ...[Read More]

Spyro Reignited for the Switch?

Could we be getting Spyro Reignited on the Nintendo switch? Well if a GameStop listing that has been subsequently taken down is true, then we should see our favorite little purple fire breathing dragon coming to our switches on August 16th. I mean come on who doesn’t want to relive those moments from this classic game that we so much enjoy on the go? I know I do! Spyro Reignited comes with all thr...[Read More]

Nintendo Direct Confirmed To Broadcast Tomorrow!

Nintendo Direct is finally here! Recently, Nintendo announced that the next Nintendo Direct presentation will broadcast tomorrow!  It is stated that you will be able to watch “roughly 35 minutes of information on upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. This includes new details on Fire Emblem: Three Houses.” The presentation (shown below) is scheduled to air at 2pm PT / 5pm ET tomorrow, Wednesday 13...[Read More]

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