Old School Runescape has reached 5 million downloads on mobile

Jagex has confirmed recently that Old School Runescape on mobile has already reached 5 million downloads. It’s quite impressive knowing it debuted on the platform back in October of last year. In celebration of the eighteenth anniversary of the game Jagex announced the good news upon us. “This achievement showcases our living games philosophy: bringing deeply engaging community experiences t...[Read More]

Fortnite’s The Block has some new creations

Fortnite’s The Block has some new creations Recently, Epic Games has posted on Twitter that new arrivals have come to the Block in Fortnite. Of course, the Block is the landing ground for the most well received work done by players in Fortnite Creative. Personally its great to see Epic continue to push Fornite by adding more features to keep the game fresh in a way. Honestly, I can only imag...[Read More]

Fortnite will be celebrating New Years

Apparently, Fortnite is celebrating the new year if you’re playing the game at the final hour. In fact, 2019 has arrived for people who live in countries like New Zealand. In addition, players there have discovered a New Year’s ball ringing in the new year. Not to mention, it didn’t seem like they were aware of the new year at the moment. Of course, Fortnite is known for incorpor...[Read More]

First 2019 Pokemon Community Event revealed

Recently, a new community event for 2019 has been announced for Pokemon GO. Not to mention, Totodile will be the main attraction come January 12th. In addition, Totodile will appear more often during the event with shiny versions as apparently. On top of that, if the player can evolve him into  Feraligatr during and up to an hour after event ends something interesting will happen. In fac...[Read More]

Celebrities sue Fortnite for using dance moves

Lately, Epic Games hasn’t been on the goo side of celebrities as of late. In fact, a few of them are suing them for misuse of their signature dances placed in Fortnite.  First, Alfonso Ribeiro better known ad Carlton  of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is suing them for the use of his dance as the game calls it “The Fresh”. On top of that, Backpack Kid better known as Russe...[Read More]

Snowboards might come to Fortnite

Recently, Epic Games posted on Twitter hinting at a new feature coming to Fortnite. In fact, snowboarding might be coming to the game as well.  Honestly, it makes perfect sense since areas in the snowy part of Respawn Island are designed for it. Not to mention, this season alone has seen all kinds of new features come and go. For example, we saw planes, ice skating Fortnite Creative, and swor...[Read More]

Niantic is now worth $3.9 billion

Recently, it’s been reported by Wall Street Journal on what Niantic is worth these days. In fact, they’re worth $3.9 billion thanks to the $200 million venture capital from Pokemon GO. Additionally, last year the company raised $200 million bringing their worth up to $2.7 billion at the time. Funny enough, when Pokemon GO was first released Nintendo’s stock soared to the heavens....[Read More]

Pokemon Go giving a holiday bonus

Pokemon Go is still the hot-hand, even in the winter months. To get into the spirit, Niantic is kicking off a Holidays 2018 event. This will increase the frequency with which ice Pokemon will show up. This is a fun and creative idea to boost usage in the game. It’s also another solid way for Niantic to maintain its player participation. They’ve also recently announced trainer battles, ...[Read More]

Epic Games vaults Infinity Blade

Recently, Fortnite has seen the Infinite Blade come to the game. Not to mention, we’ve also seen the sword get people quite angry. As we know, the sword provides the ultimate power with 200 health,  200 shield, leaping over large gaps, and 75 damage.  In addition, the sword gave people a hard time during the $1 million competition. Interestingly, the madness comes to an end as...[Read More]


With the introduction of the Infinity Blade into Fortnite BR coinciding with the games$1 Million Dollar tournament there are some people that are rather miffed. The weapon is not very balanced and has had a unanimous consensus, it’s not liked. The Sword is in one place on the map and spawns every game. During end game battles when everyone is packed in close with the storm at all sides it ta...[Read More]

Katy Perry coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Interestingly, Katy Perry has agreed to show her likeness in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Of course, this isn’t the first pop singer to do so as Ariana Grande appeared in the game as well. Yet, like with Ariana Katy is set to have a limited run in the game. However, she did wrote a song for the game called Immortal Flame. Additionally, she will appear come December 12th as a few characters. H...[Read More]

The Block has been revealed for Fortnite

Recently, The Block has been revealed in Fortnite. More importantly, this will act as a way to show off the best for the players. More importantly, this will work with the mode Fortnite Creative. As we know, the mode has players creative incredible stuff on their own private island. Additionally, the Block will act as a trophy case with the best islands voted in by everyone. Yet, it begs the quest...[Read More]

PUBG Vikendi trailer revealed

Interestingly, a new trailer for PUBG was revealed at the Game Awards. In fact, this is promoting the upcoming Vikendi map. However, the trailer shows cinematics with a bird hiding a key in its nest. In addition, a test server version will be available for PC players. Not to mention, a trailer also hints at a release in January for PS4 and Xbox One. Honestly, it should be interesting as lately we&...[Read More]

Season 7 and Battle Pass revealed for Fortnite

Finally, Season 7 of Fortnite has arrived today. Of course, after days of images we have an interesting trailer promoting the season. Funny enough, it starts off with the crew watching a classic stop-motion Christmas special. However, they are interrupted by a killing party of Snowmen and a deranged man who resembles Santa Claus. On top of that, the new Battle Pass goes to effect as well today. Ad...[Read More]


I think its fair to say, “About Time”. If you own the Season 7 Battle pass you can access the creative mode right now! If you do not then no worries you will have access on December 13th. A quick YouTube search you can see the plane in action. To save time check out iRue399’s Video below. As we can see above, flying these Bi-Planes is not easy and when you are shot down you do no...[Read More]

Yet another Fortnite Season 7 teaser revealed

Of course, Epic Games has revealed yet another teaser image of Fortnite’s Season 7. Interesting, this one highlights the person ziplining in the background of yesterday’s image. Ascend to new heights… Season 7 starts tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/tCjPRsFvJf — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 5, 2018 However, this seems to add speculation as to the purpose of the Zipline in the...[Read More]

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