Tickets Now On Sale For PUBG Global Invitational 2018

PUBG Corp announced today that tickets for their Global Invitational are now live, tickets can be brought here. This is PUBGs first global esports event and it will have players competing for a prize pool of $2 million USD, the tournament consists of 20 top professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds teams from around the world. The event will be held at Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin from July 25 to J...[Read More]

PUBG Announce ‘Event Pass’

PUBG has sold 50 million copies and for the first time ever is on sale on steam  with a 33% discount from now through to July 5 so don’t miss out. Ahead of its Sanhok map launch this Friday, PUBG Corp have announced it’s Event Pass which will be similar to that of Fortnites Battle Pass, it allows players to unlock new content, in a way that is different to the crates and key system. It...[Read More]

Shadowgun Legends Coming To Switch

Shadowgun Legends is currently on IOS and Google Play and it appears it is now coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Mobile Developer Madfinger says it only took them 2 days to port the game over to the Nintendo Switch, this is due to the game already being built in the unity engine, The company has only ever stuck to mobile development so it’s nice to see them branching out Madfinger has state...[Read More]

Switch Success Is Due To Clear Marketing Nintendo Says Unlike The Wii U

The Nintendo Switch has seen major success and it is still continuing to see that success, it only took the Switch ten months to sell more units than the Wii U managed in its entire lifetime. When the Switch was announced it had clear marketing and users knew what the Switch console was all about but when the Wii U was announced the marketing was confusing and no one understood what it was. In a r...[Read More]

PUBG Has 400M Total Players And Hits 50 Million Copies Sold

PUBG Corp announced today that they have 400 million total players across all available devices and that the game had sold over 50 million copies so congrats to them. These copies sold are from Pc and Xbox one. Meaning that 350 Million players play the game on Android or IOS as PUBG is available for free on these devices. According to an announcement from PUBG Corp, PUBG Sees more than 87 Million ...[Read More]

Nintendo Not Impressed With Sony For Blocking Fortnite Cross-Play

When Fortnite launched on the switch, PS4 gamers were not happy as they couldn’t bring all their data over from PS4. So any skins that had brought or battle pass couldn’t be transferred over, Leaving players to create a brand new account. Speaking to Polygon, Fils-Aime’s had this to say about the whole situation. “When it comes to other platform holders, as much as you h...[Read More]

Switch-Focused TV Show As Nintendo And Disney Team Up

Nintendo and Disney are teaming up together to bring a Switch focused Tv shows which will be a competitive game show, the title of the Tv show is Nintendo Switch Family Showdown.  The Show will be on Disney Channel and Disney XD and is set to debut this summer, the competitions themselves will evoke Nick Arcade, asking families to race for collectibles in Super Mario Odyssey. It’s not clear ...[Read More]

World Of Tanks Football Mode Returns

To celebrate the imminent World Cup, World Of Tanks has added a football game mode for a limited time only so don’t miss out. The game mode is a 3v3 and it’s not the first time this mode was in the game it was first introduced in 2014 as a limited time mode, so some players might have experienced it already but if you missed out last time here is your chance to give it a go. The cool t...[Read More]

Fortnite On The Switch Is Counting Down To Something

Fortnite on the switch is now displaying a countdown on all TV screens across the map, which is scheduled to end Tuesday, June 19th: Countdown appeared on Fortnite Nintendo Switch version!! — Jeremy (@Jeremyodieyo) June 16, 2018 It’s unclear as to what it is counting down to, but currently, it is only on the Nintendo Switch no other platform has seen this countdown...[Read More]

Panic Button Is Working On Another Switch Port, But What Is It

Panic Button is the studio which has ported Doom and Wolfenstein 2 to the Nintendo Switch and they have made a name for them self in porting AAA games over to the Switch. But they aren’t done yet as currently, they are working on another Switch port which is set to be announced next month. Panic Button has been in charge of bringing over Rocket League, Doom and Wolfenstein 2 to the Switch an...[Read More]

Director Explains Why Motion Controls Are Important In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

After Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee where announced, and motion controls where confirmed, let’s just say it didn’t sit well with fans. while it is great to have a new addition to the franchise, being forced to use the motions controls might get annoying, maybe if this was an optional choice it would have gone down well with fans. Game Freak director Junichi Masuda was asked ...[Read More]

Mario Tennis Aces Set To Receive Free Post-Launch Characters

Mario Tennis Aces are set to have free post-launch content for its players, the way this is going to come is in the form of new playable characters – Koopa Troopa will be arriving on August 1st while Blooper joins the roster in September. However, if you are looking to unlock Koopa Troopa in advance then you can compete in an online tournament in July where you can earn points if you earn eno...[Read More]

Is Cloud Gaming A Viable Option In 2018

So here at Daily Gaming Report, we wanted to see if cloud gaming was a viable option in 2018. The company we went with is called Shadow, we went with this company because we had heard really positive reviews. So let’s first talk about why would you choose cloud gaming over just buying a PC/Laptop. So the reason why you might consider cloud gaming as an option rather than buying a Pc/Laptop i...[Read More]

Fortnite On Switch Issues With PS4 Cross-Progress

Fortnite has now officially come to the Switch, but if you have been playing the game on the PS4, then you might not be as excited. Due to the fact that players who have connected their Epic/Fortnite account to their Playstation are unable to log into their accounts on the Nintendo Switch version. Which means players will not be able to bring their progress over from the PS4. Now if you have been ...[Read More]

Crackdown 3 To Be Delayed Again

Everyone hates delays especially when it comes to a game you are waiting for, So for anyone who is waiting for Crackdown 3, I suggest you get waiting a little longer. Crackdown 3 was announced at Microsoft’s conference during E3 2014. Since the announcement of the game, it has just kept getting delayed. So hopefully these delays are worth it. The first release date was due November 7th, 2017, it w...[Read More]

Bethesda’s Next Game Is Called Fallout 76

So if you’ve been watching Bethesda’s live stream, then you would know that the other day they teased us with a Fallout Stand By image and other than that, nothing else really happened on the live stream until now. So Bethesda have just announced their new game called Fallout 76 Now we don’t know much information about the game yet, however, more details will be announced at...[Read More]

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