Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: THE BLACK ORDER Release Date Confirmed

“You’re strong. But I could snap my fingers, and you’d all cease to exist.” Recently, Marvel has announced that the long-awaited Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order will release on 19th July 2019. It will be exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and is the third ultimate alliance installment. (Number 2 was released over 10 years ago!) We initially heard about a summer 2019 release...[Read More]

Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1

Respawn has announced Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1 and with it comes some changes to some of the legends on top of that we will see changes made to some guns such as the wingman with the magazine size being dropped down to 4 instead of 6. The full Patch Notes can be found below: The patch is due to go live around 10am PST. LEGEND BALANCING At the start of Season 1, we previously talked about how our b...[Read More]

Capcom Reveal New Plug-And-Play Arcade Stick Coming This Year!

“Here Comes A New Challenger!” Recently, Capcom has announced a new plug-and-play arcade stick packed with 16 classic Capcom arcade games that plug directly into your TV. Due to launch on 25th October 2019 at a whopping £199.99 the reveal trailer (shown below) shows the arcade sticks quality build which is meant to emulate the hardware of the original arcade cabinets. Interestingly, the arcade sti...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch System Update 8.0.0 Is Now Here

Nintendo has released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch, and finally, it isn’t just a stability improvement we finally have some good stuff. On top of that, there is also an update for the Joy-Con controllers. So what does this update come with you ask, well let me break the bad news to you first. If you were hoping for folders, unfortunately, you will have to wait a little longer....[Read More]

Sony is blocking character transfers in Destiny 2

If you currently play Destiny 2 on the PC, bad news, it looks like Sony is going to be blocking character transfers across platforms. Out of both Destiny games, the second one was the first that was brought to the PC, but Sony has announced that they wish to make Destiny a game one would recognize solely with PS4. But for those players who have already put countless hours into a character on conso...[Read More]

Jump Force’s Next Character Revealed!

“It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!” All Might will soon join JUMP FORCE! Recently, Bandai Namco Games announced that the next character to join Jump Force’s roster will be My Hero Academia’s ‘All Might’. The official tweet can be seen below! “It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!” All Might will soon join JUMP FORCE! Get ready to Unite to Fight...[Read More]

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 might be heading our way

Actress Janina Gavankar ( who played Tatai ) let slip earlier this week that there may be a sequel to the incredible game that was Horizon Zero Dawn. While at the Star Wars Celebration 2019, a fan questioned her about the way DLC ended in the first game and she replied with this. “It’s incredible. Just wait ’til you see the sequel, you’re gonna die,” Gavankar replied....[Read More]

New Info Leaked – Microsoft’s Xbox One S All Digital console

“Disc Free Gaming” Seems to be what Microsoft have in mind for the future… Images and more details have been leaked. Recently, German website WinFuture has obtained images and details of the disc-less console soon to be revealed by Microsoft themselves. The Xbox One S All Digital completely scraps discs in favor of game downloads. With no blu-ray drive you’d think this would be a good option for c...[Read More]

Leak: LA Noire Might Be Getting Nintendo VR Support

LA Noire was released on Nintendo Switch, back in 2017 and it looks like it could be getting Nintendo Labo VR support. As according to website, the game is listed with a picture showing L.A. Noire The VR Case Files. Which was a DLC initially made for the HTC Vive. You can see the image down below:   Though this could be a mistake, it would be interesting to see how L.A. Noire woul...[Read More]

Everything VS Me… Rage 2’s New Trailer

Rage 2’s New Trailer Has You Killing Everything in Sight… And We Love It! Bethesda’s Rage 2 is finally slated to release in just about one month and to make the wait until launch day a little bit easier, today a new gameplay trailer for the title was let loose. Recently, Bethesda blessed us with a new video for Rage 2, entitled ‘Everything vs. Me.’ As expected from the title the trailer is about j...[Read More]

Star Wars Pinball Coming To Nintendo Switch

Star Wars Pinball is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Now i know this isn’t much, but technically this will be the first Star Wars game to come to the Nintendo Switch. Star Wars Pinball will come with 19 tables as well as the ability to choose your side. Not only that but the game will also have a physical release, meaning if you like to collect physical games you have the option. The 19 table...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Online’s Free NES Games For April

Nintendo Switch owners who decide to pay for the Nintendo Online service get access to the NES library. With Nintendo adding more games each month. For April Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get access to Punch-Out, Star Soldier, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. You can watch a trailer below which shows off the three games for April. Currently, there are more than 30 NES games in the...[Read More]

PSN Name Change Functionality Finally Live – Your Questions Answered

X0XSniperKiller123X0X can say goodbye with Playstation’s latest update! Following a long and painful beta period, the ability to change your PlayStation Network ID is now available. That said however before changing your PSN ID there are some points to take into account. Here’s a list of all the things you need to know before changing your online ID. These FAQ’s have been answered officially...[Read More]

Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder Mode Might Be Coming

Nintendo might have just accidentally shown that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting a stage builder mode. As last night Nintendo dropped a new trailer for Smash Bros. Ultimate and well it didn’t take fans to notice that if you pause the video at 00:01 you can see the stage builder mode in the right hand corner. No official word from Nintendo has come yet, detailing when the new builder mo...[Read More]

Fortnite v8.30 patch Notes – Reboot Van and more

Epic Games have released the patch notes for Fortnite v8.30, now if you where hoping for the health on kill to come back. I wouldn’t get excited as it has not come back with this patch. Thought there are still a few changes that have come such as the reboot van, as well as buccaneer’s bounty event which will have a brand new LTM everyday and you can complete challenges to earn rewards. See t...[Read More]

Overwatch event Storm Rising announced

The next limited-time event for Overwatch was announced on Twitter. The name of the event itself is Storm Rising. The Twitter post says that the date for release is April 16th and runs to May 6th. The video in the post shows Sojourn, a former Overwatch member, sending a message to Jack Morrison. The message says that she’s assigned Tracer to lead a team of four with Mercy, Winston, and Genji...[Read More]

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