Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Minecraft Dungeons

ARK: Survival Evolved

Fast & Furious Crossroads

The Outer Worlds

Marvel’s Avengers

Moons of Madness title screen 6.5 Fair

“Mars Sucks…” A Moons of Madness Review

“Mars sucks…” is really the only quote from the game a player needs to read to understand how the developers fell short of their Lovecraftian aspirations; however, that is not to say the game wasn’t e...

Tomb Raider splash

Tomb Raider Games For PC Are Free Thanks To Square Enix Due To Social Isolation

Social isolation just became ever so slightly less boring thanks to the sweethearts at Square Enix, making two Tomb Raider games free for PC. Starting on March 23, 2020, gamers can acquire both Tomb R...

Silent Hills splash

Silent Hills Rumors Are “Not True” According To Konami

The Silent Hills and Silent Hill reboot or remaster are both just rumors, according to a North American PR representative of Konami. He went on to say, “It’s not to say we are completely closing...

Ellie drawing her bow.

Anthony Newman – Game Co-Director Says The Last Of Us II Will “Redefine Triple-A In 2020”

Aside from the trailers and previews on The Last Of Us II, little else is really known about the sequel. Now a little more information has come to light in a Twitter post. The game’s co-director...

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