Daily Gaming Report’s Top 10 Worst Video Game Accessories Of All Time

Sometimes it isn’t a surprise to see a product fail miserably… Recently, there hasn’t been too much to complain about within the video game world of accessories. The biggest addition to gaming world right now is of course, ‘Virtual Reality’. But, we are not here to talk about the good bits and bats.. O no! Here are the top 10 worst video game accessories of all time! 10. Resident Evil Chainsaw Con...[Read More]

Mad Box console images revealed

Mad Box console images revealed Recently CEO Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios has revealed images of the Mad Box console. Supposedly, this will not be the final design as it will also include a handle to carry it easily like the Nintendo Gamecube. In addition, this console will compete with the PlayStation and the Xbox in most likely the next generation of consoles. Apparently, according to Bell t...[Read More]

Playstation Classic Already Hacked

Playstation Classic Already Hacked Are you a Playstation Classic Owner?  Well it looks like you can fiddle with the settings if you have the right tools.  The classic released two days ago and people are already figuring out ways to hack the system. Youtuber Retro Gaming Arts, and a friend of his, took apart the classic, before putting the console back together they hooked up a keyboard.  “S...[Read More]

Everything We Know about – The Playstation Classic

45% smaller than the 1994 original… The Playstation Classic. Recently, it seems retro gaming is making a comeback in small packages. With the recent success of the ‘NES/SNES Mini’ it makes sense that Sony would get involved in the craze. So, here is everything we currently know about ‘The PlayStation Classic’… Sony’s attempt at jumping on the nostalgia phase.   What’s In The Box? ...[Read More]

Playstation Controller Soon to have a touchscreen?!

An update to the existing DualShock controller patent includes a new design featuring a touchscreen Recently, a patent application by Sony was published for a touchscreen-equipped PlayStation controller. At this moment in time, PlayStation controllers have a touch-enabled center pad that allows gamers to navigate through menus etc. with a touch-based interface. Interestingly, this patent applicati...[Read More]

Walmart Offering a Spider-Man PS4 Slim Bundle For Just $200

WalMart Offering a Spider-Man PS4 Slim Bundle For Just $200 Spider-Man came out for the PS4 less than two months ago, but it’s riding its momentum into a new PlayStation 4 bundle with special pricing. According to a report by The Playstation Brahs, Walmart inadvertently revealed the Spider-Man PS4 bundle on its website and listing price of $199. An update to that article also states that the...[Read More]

Impressive Switch Sales Figures Announced!

The Switch Has Sold Over 22 Million Units Worldwide The Nintendo Switch, The Nintendo Console that was only released last March has been a massive success for the company. As of now, the console has sold a massive 22.86 million units. Compared to the Wii U hardware sales, these are numbers are astonishing. According to Nintendo, the Wii U sold 13.56 million units worldwide. Of course, the Switch s...[Read More]

PlayStation Classic Game List Revealed

PlayStation Classic Game List Revealed Sony have revealed the 20 titles that will be available with thr upcoming PlayStation Classic. Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms had already been announced, but Sony have now announced the full list, detailed below: • Battle Arena Toshinden • Cool Boarders 2 • Destruction Derby • Final Fantasy VII • Grand Theft Auto...[Read More]

Fallout 76’s System Requirements Announced

Fallout 76’s System Requirements Announced Fallout 76 as we know is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series. It is just one week until the Fallout 76 Beta hits PC. Today Bethesda announced the system requirements for the game and it is no surprise that they...[Read More]

Nintendo reveals a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate bundle

At the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate bundle. This bundle will include a Super Smash Bros Ultimate themed Nintendo Switch and Joycon set with a download code included of the game. [amazon_link asins=’B07BHGGHX1,B01N4NBHPM,B07BTNCVPC,B01MY7L1LT,B07GBTDS57,B0771W3LY8,B01M6ZGICT,B01NAUKS62,B01N1081RO’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=...[Read More]

Nintendo reveals new NES controllers

Nintendo reveals new NES  controllers In the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed new NES controllers that will be suited for the Nintendo Switch. As part of Nintendo’s Online service, you can now play classic NES games at your pleasure on the service. [amazon_link asins=’B01N4NBHPM,B07BTNCVPC,B07GBTDS57,B01MY7L1LT,B01N1081RO,B01NAUKS62,B01M6ZGICT,B0771W3LY8′ template=’...[Read More]

New Xbox One bundles announced at Gamescom for this fall

New Xbox One bundles announced at Gamescom for this fall This year at Gamescom saw Mircosoft showing off every Xbox One bundle and new accessory they got in store for you. This fall will see several bundles for the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S packaged with download codes for new titles also being released this fall. These games include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4, Battlefield V, a...[Read More]

The Witcher Creators Plan to Open New Mobile Studio

Game developer and The Witcher creator, CD Projekt, have established a new branch of there studio targeted towards mobile devices. Named Spokko, this will be working on a yet-unannounced project in the possible future.   CD Projekt is a polish video game publisher founded in 1994. They are most well-known for the creation of The Witcher video game series. This award-winning franchise is known...[Read More]

Analyst: PlayStation 5 Will Launch Next Year on One Condition

Analyst: PlayStation 5 Will Launch Next Year on One Condition   With the PS4 dominating this console generation many fans have speculated about what the PS5 can do. The PS4 turns 5 years old this year and has hit the peak of its hardware. Last year we had reports that the PS5 could release in late 2018 but that seems to have never been the case. A Japanese analyst has stated that the earliest...[Read More]

PSVR hits the 3 million unit milestone

Two years and still going Recently announced on Sony’s Playstation UK Twitter page that the Playstation VR headset has passed an enormous milestone with 3 million units sold. Over 3 million #PlayStationVR headsets have now been sold around the world! ? Thank you to everyone in our PS VR community. ? pic.twitter.com/jB5fpR880G — PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) August 16, 2018 A few cont...[Read More]

EA’s Chief Design Officer is Stepping Down

Patrick Soderlund, Chief Designer of U.S. publisher, EA, is stepping down from his position after nearly two decades in its service.   CEO, Andrew Wilson, made the announcement to all EA employees in an open letter, available to view on their official website. He states that after a long time working with the company, Patrick is now ready to “begin a new chapter” from this point o...[Read More]

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