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Rumor: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Leak Reveals Battle Royale Map Locations

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is due to release October 25, and we have still had no word yet on if Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a battle Royale mode. Now given the success that Black Ops 4&#...


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Battle Royal back with 3 times the size and twice the players.

According to rumours the new Call of Duty game will have a battle royal game mode. The map has been revealed to be 3 times the size of Blackouts map and have up to 200 players. Which means my 4 Blacko...

Infinity Ward Listened … am I awake right now?

Back in 2007 we were introduced to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, what a great game. Everyone loves MW and MW2 was also an amazing addition to the franchise. It’s now 2019 and this years Call of Duty...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Let You Shoot Through Walls

Games like Rainbow Six Siege have made popular the feat of bullet penetration, the ability to shoot an opposing enemy through an object without entirely giving away your own position. Well now with th...

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