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Battlefield V: The Gameplan for Whats ​to Come

With the recent announcement of Firestorm ( the Battle Royal mode set to release the 25th of March ) EA has also just shown us a “roadmap” of sorts that breaks down the exciting new chapters that will launch in March – June. Starting with the Third Chapter: Trial by fire, players can expect to see: A new map – call...[Read More]

BattleField V Firestorm Reveal Trailer

Try to recall, if you will, the most memorable trailer/hype video you’ve ever seen for a video game, any genre does not matter. I’ll wait. Got it? Is it any good? It better be, because after watching the video below you might have to reconsider your decision. It’s that good! Believe me. If you’re anything like me o...[Read More]

Battlefield V Firestorm – New Info & Details

New Firestorm details have emerged due to data found inside the game’s client. There’s a ton of new information to take in! Information on Battlefield V’s upcoming battle royale mode has been scarce… Up until now. Recently, thanks to Reddit user temporyal, a ton of new data has been found and released. In the leak there is a lot of intere...[Read More]

Battlefield V Update Adds Tank, Tweaks, More

Yesterday, DICE announced the continuation of its Battlefield V Tides of War service in an update that brings a new tank and several improvements to the Panzerstorm map. The tank, the Sturmgeschutz IV, could recently be spotted in the trailer for Chapter 2 of Tides of War. Once players unlock the new vehicle via the weekly challenge, they...[Read More]

Battlefield 5’s Second Tides Of War Chapter To Start January 17

Battlefield 5 Tides Of War’s second chapter has been revealed as lighting strikes. The chapter follows on from overture, and will be available to players of the game January 17 according to the Battlefield 5 in-game calendar which has been updated. Not only this but lightning strikes will also see the launch of the combined arms co-op mod...[Read More]

Frostbite Engine could bring EA titles such as Anthem, Battlefield V + more to Nintendo Switch very soon!

An interesting LinkedIn page could have confirmed that EA are looking to publish more games on the Switch “using already existing SDK’s” YouTuber Doctre81 has noticed something that could be great news for Switch owners. On an individuals LinkedIn who works at EA this was shown… You can watch the video by Doctre81 below. It would ma...[Read More]

Battlefield V purchases will be cosmetic

No Premium passes? No Lootboxes? Is this 2013 or have game developers realized what the gamers want? As it turns out it is 2018 and while all gameplay items will be unlocked with the progress you can still buy yourself some cosmetic items. Sigh… but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Enter mankind's greatest conf...[Read More]

Battlefield V Day One Patch confirmed

Recently, EA has confirmed a Day One Patch for Battlefield V. Accordingly, the patch details includes 135 pages with 22653 words in total. Basically, this is going to be a big patch. Not to mention, with all of the missing content upon the game’s release this is not a sign of hope for the game. Especially, the Firestorm mode and map...[Read More]

Battlefield V’s map voting will arrive in a later update

Recently, it was a revealed in a Reddit post for Battlefield V that another feature won’t be available at launch. In fact, the game’s map voting feature which allows players to vote for the next map after a match is done will be delayed. Not to mention, this will be added to the vehicle customization and Firestorm battle royal...[Read More]

Battlefield 5 offers Cosmetic Only-Microtransactions and no Premium Pass

Battlefield 5’s launch, on November 20th, is approaching quickly and EA has been revealing more information along the way. With its recently released timeline of Chapters, the team has announced that there will be no Premium Pass for Battlefield 5 and that all microtransactions will be cosmetic only. While playing through Battlefield 5, p...[Read More]

Battlefield V dev gets banned from Black Ops 4

As of late, a Battlefield V developer was actually banned from playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 online. Apparently, Florian Le Bihan claims that he was too good at the game to receive a ban from the game. “So i got banned from Black Ops 4 LOL. Could you please not?” said Florian on his Twitter. In fact, Florian is a former E-sports player...[Read More]

DICE looks to tone down customization for historical authenticity for Battlefield V

DICE has been interested as of late for Battlefield V to have more authenticity to its historical time period over outlandish customization options. Recently DICE’s Community Manager Dan Mitre and their producer Andrew Gulotta hosted a livestream which discussed some of these changes that DICE is making for the game. [amazon_link as...[Read More]

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