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Tylor Rayl

My Name Is Tylor but most of the interweb refers to me As TyFoon had the nickname since my Call Of Duty Multiplayer days, Big comic book fan as i own over 3,00 comic books. I have studied the history of video games for the past 7 years. I used to be a sports writer for Athletes hub but i figured it was time to follow my love for gaming more. Feel free to follow me on twitter

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console to Release in 2019 – Rumor

Nintendo Making 4K Switch Console to Release in 2019 – Rumor The Xbox One X & Playstation 4 Pro made the mid-generation upgrade the go-to thing. As a gamer, we expect this formula from now on so when this rumor hit it is believable. The hot rumor going around is that Nintendo could be looking to upgrade the Nintendo Switch. This rumor comes from Marcus Sellars who has a history of leakin...[Read More]

Anthem Will Not Support Mods On PC

Bioware is planning to reveal some details about Anthem in a few weeks but Executive Producer Mark Darrah has also revealed many details over the last month. He has given us many things that are good but not everything can be good news. Mark Darrah has confirmed that Anthem will not support Mods for the PC. This is a big blow to the PC community but Darrah said the technology just isn’t ther...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 2 Is Getting Delisted

Forza Horizon 2 Is Getting Delisted    Forza Horizon 2 has been known as one of the best games of the series. It has been highly regarded by many reviewers and gamers alike of how good the game was. We have seen reports by Playground Games that Forza Horizon 2 will be delisted. Forza Horizon 2 will reach the end of its lifespan as of September 30th, 2018. After the day the base game and DLC w...[Read More]

Valve Appears to Be Launching a New Streaming Platform, Steam TV

Valve Appears to Be Launching a New Streaming Platform, Steam TV   Valve continues to be one of the busiest companies in 2018. With Steam being big and seems to be getting even bigger, the development of multiple game projects, and Now a possible streaming Platform. Details have surfaced that Valve has registered a domain for Steam TV which only means they could be expanding to a streaming pl...[Read More]

Massive Pokemon GO Leak Adds 100+ New Shiny Models

A well-known leaker known as Chrales who has leaked information correctly before has done it again.  With his history of being right, his words are very valued in the Pokemon community. The latest thing he has leaked is that Pokemon Go is adding shiny models to Pokemon like Voltorb, Ponyta, Totodile, and Slowking with much more. Most of the new shiny pokemon is a combination of Gen 1 & Gen 2 s...[Read More]

Diablo III Coming To The Switch

Diablo III Coming To The Switch   We first expected this when months ago Blizzard dropped a hint about this happening back in may. Well, reports have now been confirmed that Diablo III will be coming to the switch this fall. Diablo III will come to the switch with all currently released content along with some fun Nintendo themed content. Diablo III best feature will have to be the ability to...[Read More]

Japanese Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Pre-Orders Include Figures And Exclusive Art Book

We are getting closer to the anticipated release of Lets Go Pikachu  & Lets Go Eevee and now thru a tweet we now see the region based pre-order bonuses. For people in North America, we are sorry but this only released in Japan. If you Preorder Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee you will get a figure depending on which game you purchase but if you grab both versions you will also g...[Read More]

New Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rules Reveal Huge Flaw

New Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rules Reveal Huge Flaw   The whole past week hardcore Destiny 2  players have been working hard on the bounties and Solstice of Heroes armor. This event ends at the end of the month as we see the Forsaken DLC being preloaded on August 28th. After time away we have seen the return of Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner event. Destiny 2 did change some things in this even...[Read More]

ESO Plus Details Explained

ESO Plus Details Explained  Back at QuakeCon, we learned about ESO Plus when ESO creative director Rich Lambert had the following to say. ” So with ESO Plus what we’re doing in quarter four is we’re going to add in monthly rewards that you can go and you can claim, but then also we’re increasing the number of Crowns you get per month as well. So the goal is to really reinfo...[Read More]

WWE 2K19 Is Bringing Back WWE Showcase

WWE 2K19 Is Bringing Back WWE Showcase   The WWE showcase mode is something that has been absent for a couple of years. For the past couple of years, fans have wanted and asked and begged for this mode to return. In WWE 2K19 WWE showcase mode returns as we celebrate the return of Daniel Bryan after returning from a 3-year injury. Now you take control and play the career of Daniel Bryan as you...[Read More]

Rage 2 Won’t Have Mod Support at Launch

Rage 2 Won’t Have Mod Support at Launch   When Rage 2 was revealed at E3 earlier this year it shocked most fans as no one ever expected a sequel to Rage. Rage 2 is different from any other game on the market and has intrigued many fans across the globe. The PC version of Rage 2 will not have mod support at launch but within time I do feel we will see it in the game.  Rage 2 game director Tim ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Sales Suspended In China

Monster Hunter World PC Sales Suspended In China   Monster Hunter World which had over 1 million preorders through WeGame has gotten into some trouble. As we learned that WeGame has been forced to remove it from those libraries and suspend the sales. There is no current plan to relaunch the game in China which is a huge play to the community. The reason why it is not being sold in China is be...[Read More]

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