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Tylor Rayl

My Name Is Tylor but most of the interweb refers to me As TyFoon had the nickname since my Call Of Duty Multiplayer days, Big comic book fan as i own over 3,00 comic books. I have studied the history of video games for the past 7 years. I used to be a sports writer for Athletes hub but i figured it was time to follow my love for gaming more. Feel free to follow me on twitter

Anthem Gets More Details on Open-World Encounters, Checkpoints, Progression, and More

Mark Darrah who is the executive producer for Anthem has struck yet again, The past few weeks on twitter he has been giving out information about the game. Today we did learn in the current build of Anthem that Flight and air travel will be Toggle and the ability to do barrel rolls in such will depend on the javelin you are using. You can run into other players since this is an open world game but...[Read More]

Destiny 2: Every New Super Ability Coming In The Forsaken DLC

Destiny 2 is about to have its big DLC coming in September which is labeled as Forsaken. With this DLC it is bringing in 9 subclass branches which means we have 9 new Super Abilities to discuss. Hunters Arcstrider: Way of the Current Arcstrider got a new melee ability called the Tempest Strike, which requires the Hunter to slide before releasing their melee ability and releasing a dangerous Upperc...[Read More]

What Should You Expect In Fortnite Season 5 Patch

Today Epic Games dropped Season 5 of Fortnite, and they have added all kinds of changes to the familiar map by adding A Viking ship, Desert Outposts, through the map Ancient status have popped up which is a nice touch. Moisty Mire has been hit with a drought, bringing with it a brand new desert outpost which should bring all kinds of new gameplay ideas. Fortnite also added their first 4 person veh...[Read More]

No Man Sky Biggest Changes

No Man Sky Biggest Changes    No Man Sky released in 2016 and was developed by Hello Games, upon its release it was given bad reviews from critics and gamers alike. Promises were not kept at launch but in the past two years they have rolled out some major updates. Updates that have fixed this space adventure game and with another big update coming let’s take a look of what all that has ...[Read More]

Anthem To Have Level Cap

Mark Darrah of Bioware, who are making the third-person open world shooter Anthem, has been giving the fans some juicy details as of late. He has been answering all kinds of questions from fans on twitter – from weapon stat rolls to in-game weather conditions. A Twitter user asked Mark Darrah about level caps and if Anthem had one, to which Mark responded “We will be talking about this...[Read More]

WWE 2K19 Adding Ronda Rousey As Preorder Bonus

  WWE 2K19 Adding Ronda Rousey As Preorder Bonus   WWE 2K19 announced via a trailer that UFC Hall Of Famer and current WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey will be making her WWE video game debut this year as she joins Rey Mysterio as a pre-order bonus for the game. WWE 2k19 Releases on October 9th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & PC. Ronda Rousey has also been in the past UFC games and was even ...[Read More]

Madden 19 Ratings Top Players Of Every Position

  Madden 19 Ratings Top  Players Of Every Position    Below is the best ratings for each position in Madden 19 which releases on August 10th on Xbox One, Playstation 4, & PC.   Quarterbacks  (Top 32) Tom Brady – 99 – Patriots Aaron Rodgers – 99 – Packers Russell Wilson – 92 – Seahawks Drew Brees – 91 – Saints Matt Ryan – 89 &...[Read More]

Madden 19 Rookie Ratings & Attributes + Top 5 Highest Rated QBs

  Madden 19 Rookie Ratings & Attributes + Top 5 Highest Rated QB Back here again with another Madden 19 Rating Roundup, Another sheet of rating and tributes got revealed and we have listed all that has been revealed up to this date. Madden 19 comes out on August 10th on Xbox One, Playstation 4, & PC. Madden 19  Top 5 Rookie QB  Ratings Baker Mayfield – 81 OVR 87 Throw Under Pres...[Read More]

Warframe Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Warframe Coming To The Nintendo Switch    Publisher and developer Digital Extremes confirmed today at a fan expo called ” Tennocon” that Warframe, which is a third-person shooter, is set to come to the Nintendo Switch. It has been on PC & PlayStation 4 since 2013 and appeared on Xbox One in 2014. Warframe has a cult-like following as it has improved massively over the past fiv...[Read More]

Epic Games Putting Llamas Around Europe To Advertise Fortnite

Epic Games have been on quite a rollercoaster since Fortnite was turned into a Battle Royale game. With the growing popularity and a new season in this popular game, there have been real life teasers going around. As of this writing, It appears people have found four  Llamas around Europe which is the most insane thing I have ever witnessed being done to advertise a free game. Locations where Llam...[Read More]

Take – Two CEO Doesn’t Buy In To The Subscription Model

    Take – Two CEO Doesn’t Buy In To The Subscription Model      Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick stated in an interview with   MCVUK’s latest digital issue and he stated that he firmly believes that the Subscription Model like Xbox Game Pass, EA Access  & Origin Acess are not the future of the gaming industry. ” No. A subscription model would have to speak to...[Read More]

Overwatch Players Raise 12.7 Million Dollars for Breast Cancer Awareness

Overwatch has been one of those amazing games in the past couple of years. But this time, The fanbase has outdone themselves as they have raised 12.7 Million USD to support Breast cancer Awareness. They did this by buying the Pink Mercy skin and Charity T-Shirt. The Pink Mercy charity skin was designed for the Overwatch hero Mercy, a scientist and “guardian angel” of the game who has dedicated her...[Read More]

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