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Fergus O'Loan

Hey! I’m Fergus, screen name Tiblia, has been since I was 8, can’t shake it. I am currently an English and Drama Student, but my real passion is and has always been video games. I love PC gaming, but given my circumstances at Uni, the Switch has become my main source of Gaming Goodness. Big fan of RPGs, indies, and basically anything I can consume on Nintendo’s lovely new system. Looking forward to spreading some of my enthusiasm finally for some awesome games.

Battlefield V Beta: Bullet penetration, land vehicles and more

With the Battlefield V Open Beta due to launch on the 6th of September, the developers are taking into consideration some things raised in closed Beta and public test builds. Land vehicles are receiving a huge overhaul. Though David Sirland, Multiplayer producer at DICE didn’t reveal much, he has teased “game-changing” changes. He said the changes would focus on increasing the de...[Read More]

Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more?

Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more? You might remember Bulletstorm. Gears of War aesthetic with Skate sensibilities. “As much inspiration from Tony Hawk as Markus Fenix”, according to Eurogamer’s review of the remake. But it kind of fizzled out. Bulletstorm never received a sequel at all, and despite doing well critically, it became a “cult curio”...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey new trailer looks Legendary

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey had a decent showing at Gamescom, and now we have cinematic trailers! The trailers go into greater detail about the themes of the game, with details that may come as a surprise. The trailer comes into two flavours, but they’re much the same, only really changing whether you follow Alexios or Kassandra, and some other minor changes. The trailer will be posted be...[Read More]

Nintendo and Blizzard; Diablo port start of something new?

The Diablo port onto the Switch, revealed earlier this week, is particularly encouraging for the future of the console. According to Peter Stilwell, senior developer at Blizzard, talking to Kotaku, the game took just nine months to develop. Diablo 3 is the first Blizzard game in over 15 years to make the jump. The rapid development of the Switch port bodes well for the companies future partnership...[Read More]

Fallout 76 coverage rounded off: V.A.Ts, Private Servers and Music

Quakecon was a doozy of information on Fallout 76 and it’s not over yet! There are a few more loose end to tie up from the panel. The first thing worth talking about is that V.A.Ts is indeed making a comeback. Given the online nature of the game, it is having to be slightly different. Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda explained that it “works in real time”. What this me...[Read More]

Fallout 76 Perks system unveiled!

Hot off the heels of Quakecon’s Fallout 76 panel, Todd Howard has shown us how perks will work. The SPECIAL and perk systems we all know and love are back but made slightly different. The perks now follow a card based system; when you level up, you pick a perk, and that perk adds to your SPECIAL score. For example, in the video we were shown, you levelled up to level two. Then the character ...[Read More]

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery’s magical growth: $55 million in three months

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has had a meteoric rise to success in recent months. They have earned $55 Million in revenue. For a game that was only released on the 25th of April, that is astounding. This information comes courtesy of Sensor Tower, revealing that in just over three months, the game had 3.5 million first time downloads. The US is the primary consumer of the game, making up 47 per c...[Read More]

Greedy for more Diablo 3? You’re in luck.

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is on its fourteenth season, and they’re switching the formula up. They’ve said they’re continuing themed seasons, this one being the Season of Greed. But there is more in store as well. Season of Greed launched recently and following this theme, for the whole season, loot goblins spawn twice. That is to say, if one loot goblin spawns, another will too. ...[Read More]

Let’s Go Mega Pikachu and Mega Eevee? Mega Evolution’s confirmed in next pokemon game.

Pokemon spinoff/revival Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s God Eevee have had mega evolutions confirmed. After a week of speculation regarding mega evolved pokemon toys, CoroCoro confirms their inclusion. There was a story earlier this week rumouring that mega evolution would make a comeback. Takara Tomy figurines are releasing a range of mega evolved Kanto starters, leading to much sp...[Read More]

FIFA Royale? FIFA-nite? Well, not quite, but Survival mode is similar

FIFA 19 has decided to shake up their tried and true formula. It has been reported as the next in a string of Battle Royale games, riding the Fortnite/ PUBG bandwagon. But is this quite true? Well not exactly, no. Obviously, the game has not turned into a third person shooter, where one football player has to injure the others until he is the only one left on the pitch. But, Survival mode, does co...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky Developers Address Game-Breaking Bug

No Man’s Sky Developers Address Game-Breaking Bug No Man’s Sky is a game that is No Stranger to more than it’s fair share of controversy. Sadly, another huge issue has hit the game, this time regarding a save game bug. Even more damning, reloading an older save does not appear to help. The bug resets all the player’s save data; they load into their old save as if starting a...[Read More]

Fortnite patch adds new gun, tweaked juice and old favourite

Patch v5.10 for Fortnite is live, and playground mode is back, along with the new Compact SMG and slight tweaks to Slurp juice.   Slurp juice received minor tweaks, it now gives a health point every half a second, up to 75 health. If you’ve got full health, it layers a shield.   Next thing is the Compact SMG, comes with epic and legendary variants, uses light ammo with a 50 round c...[Read More]

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