Shane Folke

Shane Folke

I am a former filmmaker turned author/writer. Primarily a fan of dark horror/thriller titles, you can find me playing anything from Dead By Daylight and Friday the 13th to indie titles like Lakeview Cabin or Lone Survivor. Basically what you’d expect from a kid who grew up on Resident Evil 2!

Activison Bungie Partnership Comes To An End

Just two months after Activision’s bad news earnings call, (which highlighted many problems) Activision is pulling out of its partnership with Bungie. “Some of our other franchises like Destiny are not performing as well as we’d like,” said COO Coddy Johnson during the aforementioned call, which took place in November. He went on to say that some players were in ‘wait and see...[Read More]

Black Ops 4 Update: New Multiplayer modes, Zombie Features, And More

Treyarch recently announced a slew of updates slated for the new year. Some of the most anticipated new features include: Mastery Camos in Zombies and Blackout Upcoming Features in Zombies Improved Looting in Blackout on consoles League Play in Ranked Multiplayer Some updates, such as Mastery Camos, received fairly specific release dates (End of January). However, some features...[Read More]

Stan Lee Makes Unexpected Cameo in World of Warcraft

A legendary game pays homage to a Legendary man as Blizzard adds a new NPC modeled after Stan Lee. Found in the 8.15 patch in the Public Test Realm, ‘Stanley,’ a tall man with white hair and Stan’s trademark mustache and aviators can be found wandering Stormwind. As seen in the video below, Stanley is decked out in the color and armor for the Alliance. Wowhead has dug into the code a bit more and ...[Read More]

Youtubers Beware – Bethesda Targets Creators Posting Fallout 76 Glitch Videos

Hot on the trail of Bethesda’s little nuclear launch code issue,(which was just the most recent of many bugs and issues with Fallout 76) Bethesda is again in the hot seat. The notice received by the banned users indicates that the action against them was for “exploiting a system issue that results in item duplication.” These bans are indefinite. The banned user has issued a statement v...[Read More]

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