Brandon Farris

Brandon Farris

Hello, my name is Brandon. But it may be easier to refer to me as NeverEatPie. It's been my user since my old school days of Runescape and it's always just had a ring to it, I mean regardless I do eat pie and find it very delicious. My preferred genre of choice lies in MOBA's and Open World RPG's but I can be found playing absolutely anything. My current obsession is Dragon Ball FighterZ. When not playing games I head to comics, manga or anime for my needs. Feel free to catch me on my Twitter.

Encased Questionnaire: Add Your Own Character

Ever wanted to have your own character in a video game? Ever wanted someone to look at the description of a character and wonder who came up with that character? Well, Dark Crystal Games has you covered with the first community-based event for the upcoming RPG Encased. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Encased its a post-apocalyptic game that features an open world and open choices. Based o...[Read More]

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