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Michael Borge

Hi! I'm a lifelong passionate gamer and nerdy stuff collector in general who loves to challenge himself at games and topics whether or not they deserve the reputation that they have garnered. Also, I prefer to commentate games out loud while I play them when no one is around. You can follow me on Facebook and Youtube under my moniker Brave Nachos, BYE BYE!!!

Dr. Mario World coming to mobile devices this summer

After the delay of Mario Kart Tour coming this summer Nintendo surprised us again with the reveal of Dr. Mario World. This will be a collaboration between Line and NHN Entertainment which will have the game come out this summer. It’s safe to say this will be an updated version of the 1990 NES classic puzzle game. Then again you never know what new features to a plumber pretending to be a doc...[Read More]

Crossplay in Sea of Thieves will be optional between PC and Xbox One

In a recent video release from the developers behind Sea of Thieves it was revealed that crossplay will be updated to be optional in the game. From now on crossplay in the game will automatically have you pair up with fellow players who use a controller while playing the game. Afterward, you can change the setup if you want to play with others on PC or with the Xbox One. For example, keyboard and ...[Read More]

Nintendo isn’t changing stance for next Direct release

Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki popped an interesting to Nintendo recently. Whether there will be a delay to the next Nintendo Direct release. As of late, Nintendo has been making announcements through social media like with the delay of Metroid Prime 4. However, Nintendo has responded that their stance will not change as their next Direct will arrive as planned apparently. Even if ...[Read More]

Pirate Kano revealed in Brazilian stream for Mortal Kombat 11

It’s been revealed that Kano will be included in Mortal Kombat 11 when it arrives. What’s even more hilarious to an already over the top character is his costumes in the game. Revealed in a stream promoting the game in Brazil Kano will indeed be able to dress up like a pirate. Honestly, if stuff like this will be included into the game I can only imagine what else we can when the game ...[Read More]

Dead or Alive 6 will have a free to play version post launch

Yohei Shimbori, the director of Dead or Alive 6 has revealed with Siliconera that a free to play version of the game will arrive. Though this version will most likely come after the game’s March 1st release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. “First of all, about the listing on the Microsoft Store, that was a mistake from the development team. We do have plans to make a free-to-play version,...[Read More]

Mario Kart Tour will be delayed until this summer

It’s been announced that Mario Kart Tour will be delayed until this summer by Nintendo. As revealed on Twitter the game was originally set to be released this year instead. Not as bad as with Metroid Prime 4’s development this one needs some fine tuning a well as “service content after delivery” from the developers. Though it should be interesting how they translate the gam...[Read More]

Microsoft has begun work on the Xbox One Black Screen error

A while back owners of the Xbox One have reported issues of black screen errors prohibting players from proceeding further into the console. Microsoft has been made aware of the issue and has taken action. In fact, its been reported at this time that the company has found the source of the problem and has begun taking action into correcting it. It’s good to see Microsoft to see stay on top o...[Read More]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate players experience save crashes after using Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant has arrived to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and he was worth the wait. However, some players will find that he has a dark side to him as well. There have been reports from players claiming that using the fighter in modes like All Star Smash on the game triggers the save file to become corrupt. Obviously, with a game like this and time it takes to unlock everyone and finish the World of ...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch hacked in four hours upon 7.0.0 firmware update

Upon the 7.0.0 firmware update for the Nintendo Switch the console has already seen its share of hacks in just four hours. This update brought new features like system stability improvements and security codes for this kind of problem. Elmirorac, the hacker responsible for the nonsense is seeing his share of fame from the ordeal. But the more important question is how Nintendo can fend off hackers...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch will be delayed in Europe only

After rumblings of rumors and talk of this it is now confirmed that some bad news is set for Europe and Mortal Kombat 11. Revealed on Nintendo’s shop page for the game reveals that it will be delayed until May 10th for the Switch port. However, this only applies to the PAL version as the other regions will still receive the game on April 23rd. Though it is strange that only that version of t...[Read More]

Nintendo is hiring a 3D Terrain Designer for an upcoming Zelda title

Nintendo has a new job posting detailing that they’re looking for a 3D Terrain Designer. This will be for a Legend of Zelda title currently in development. Oddly enough this position is set to be a contract job so this person won’t be involved in the game for too long. It begs the question what this new title will be liked following up after Breath of the Wild. While that game lacked i...[Read More]

EA will be ending FIFA points in Belgium soon

EA has announced that they’ll be ending their FIFA points system in Belgium for FIFA 19. This will go into effect starting January 31st. Though if you have points saved up in the game you can still use them as they won’t go to waste. “Players still can access Ultimate Team and play with their existing players.  All content in the game can be earned through gameplay, as has always...[Read More]

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