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Owner of Daily Gaming Report, I founded Daily Gaming Report because I love gaming, have ever since I was about 5. It is my aim to make sure my website keeps you up to date with the latest news.

Rage 2 Twitter Strikes Back At Far Cry New Dawn

Pink is all the Rage! So as we all know Pink is the well-known colour for Rage 2, however, it appears that Far Cry: New Dawn is also very pink. Due to this Rage 2 developers took to Twitter to make fun of Far Cry: New Dawn by posting this on Twitter: It didn’t take long for the Far Cry: New Dawn Twitter account to fire back: It’s always fun to see developers messing with each other on ...[Read More]

Cozy Campfires Receiving A Change In Fortnite

Fortnite’s Cozy Campfire is an item that once looted allows players to place it on the ground and it heals everyone sitting around it for 25 seconds. However, Epic Games want to make a change to campfires which will allow players to light existing campfires found around Fortnite. So moving forward if players find a woodpile they will be able to interact with it which will light it up, turnin...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Indie Highlights

Nintendo UK announced on Twitter yesterday, that there would be a Nintendo Direct happening Today at 2pm UK time to showcase all the upcoming indie titles coming in 2019. Now the Nintendo Direct for the Indie games was not live streamed, it was just uploaded straight to the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, the video can be seen below: The video is around 16 minutes long and covers all the upcoming Nin...[Read More]

Bandai Namco Sets Up A New Development Studio

Bandai Namco Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in Japan. who have published Dragon Ball Fighterz, Dark Souls III and Tekken 7 just to name a few. Have announced that it will be opening a new development studio called Namco Sevens. Now it’s unclear what the new company will be working on, but what we do know is that the Namco Sevens will operate in Japan and start busi...[Read More]

Bethesda Denies That Fallout 76 is Going Free-To-Play

“No Truth” To The Rumor A few days ago, we posted an article that mentioned that Fallout 76 might be going free-to-play, you can check that article out here. Now to summaries why many people thought it would be going free-to-play is due to the fact that retailers removed physical copies of the game from its shelves. However, it appears that Fallout 76 isn’t going free-to -play any time soon ...[Read More]

Support-A-Creator program coming to The Division 2

We now know that The Division 2 is no longer going to be on steam but rather it will be on the Epic Store. Due to this, we will now see The Division 2 have Support-a-creator, similar to that of Fortnite’s. So for those of you that are unaware of how the support-a-creator works, basically fans can support their favourite content creators when buying items from the shop if they use the creator’...[Read More]

The Division 2 – PC Features Overview trailer and system requirements

Ubisoft have dropped a PC features trailer which goes over how PC players are the hardcore players and they only expect the best (which is true, not going to lie) but the trailer basically goes over what they have done to the PC version of The Division 2. The trailer can be seen below, it also goes over the PC system requirements which can also, be found down below. Does your system have what it t...[Read More]

The Division 2 Is Coming To The Epic Games Store Instead Of Steam

Epic Games are ready to compete with the giant that is Steam, as we now know that The Division 2 is coming to the Epic Store rather than Steam. So it’s clear that Epic Games made a deal with Ubisoft to pull the game from Steam and to put it on the Epic Store instead, meaning that The Division 2 won’t be available to buy on Steam compared to its predecessor and previous Ubisoft PC title...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 PC Size Revealed

Resident Evil 2 is slowing creeping up on us and I’m sure many fans of the game can’t wait to get back to raccoon city. Now while we know there is a demo which will allow players to play Resident Evil 2 for 30 mins, you can check that article out here. There has been no official word on what the size of the game would be, other than for the Xbox version of Resident Evil 2 which would be 21gb accor...[Read More]

New OutFits Have Been Added To Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go recently put out a tweet showing off the new outfits which can be obtained in Pokemon Go, these outfits are from Unova and Alola regions. Down below is the tweet which also shows of what the outfits look like: Unlocking the outfits can be done by having a gold medal in all three Trainer Battle Leagues-Great, Ultra, and Master. once you have that the outfits costs are as follows: Shirts-...[Read More]

New Trailer For Nintendo Online NES Games January

New Trailer For Nintendo Online NES Games January Nintendo has officially announced the two new games which will come to there Onlines NES these titles being Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Blaster Master. These games will be coming January 16th. Now they also announced that in Japan gamers will also get a third game, which is Joy Mech Fight, it’s kind of annoying that Japan gets an extra gam...[Read More]

Battlefield 5’s Second Tides Of War Chapter To Start January 17

Battlefield 5 Tides Of War’s second chapter has been revealed as lighting strikes. The chapter follows on from overture, and will be available to players of the game January 17 according to the Battlefield 5 in-game calendar which has been updated. Not only this but lightning strikes will also see the launch of the combined arms co-op mode, the return of rush in multiplayer and many other features...[Read More]

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