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Owner of Daily Gaming Report, I founded Daily Gaming Report because I love gaming, have ever since I was about 5. It is my aim to make sure my website keeps you up to date with the latest news.

Google To lose At least $50 Million Due To Fortnite Skipping Google Play

According to a new Report, Google is going to lose $50 Million thanks to Fortnite skipping the google play store. As Epic Games will allow people to download Fortnite through their website instead to save money as if they were to put it on the Google play store, Google would take 30% of the revenue. Google losing $50 Million is just over the next 5 months, so they are due to lose a lot more in rev...[Read More]

Escalation Studios Rebranded As Bethesda Game Studios Dallas

Escalation Studios Rebranded As Bethesda Game Studios Dallas Bethesda game studios head Todd Howard has this to say at Quakecon 2018. “I understand you have questions, and demand answers,” Howard said. But he wasn’t there to shed more light on Fallout 76 just yet – that’s tomorrow. Instead, he made a housekeeping announcement about a partner studio. After years working with...[Read More]

Doom Eternal Is Also Launching On Switch

Doom Eternal Is Also Launching On Switch Doom Eternal has just been presented at Quakcon 2018 with new details and new footage. After the announcement at E3 in June, many fans didn’t expect the sequel Doom Eternal to come to Switch Despite the previous Doom game coming to Switch last year. However, it appears that Bethesda has announced that Doom Eternal will be coming to Switch. We hope you...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter gets a release date

The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter gets a release date The Elder Scrolls: online is doing amazing after four years after its initial launch. though it may have had a rocky launch they have managed to improve the game and bring out lots of DLC. The newest being Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset which we did a review on which you can check out here. In Wolfhunter, players will Vanquish a mighty Were...[Read More]

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Next Expansion

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Next Expansion The Elder Scrolls: Legends next expansion was announced today at Quakecon 2018.The Elder Scrolls: Legends is getting a Sheogorath-centric expansion called the Isle of Madness. Little is know about the expansion but by the name, we can assume it has something to do with madness. We will keep you updated when we have more information, so be sure to follow us...[Read More]

Dynamic Weather Conditions Confirmed For Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games around and every day it seems we are learning more and more about the game. Today we learned Cyberpunk 2077 will have a dynamic weather system. In an interview with Italian website Multiplayer, CD Projekt RED writer Stanislaw Swiecicki revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will have dynamic weather conditions. Stanislaw had this to say: “We wanted to make...[Read More]

Battlefield V Gets A Second Closed Alpha Next Week

After the first Battlefield V which took place at the end of June, fans of the game wanted more and after seeing leaked dates suggesting another testing fans got excited. EA has now confirmed that there will be another Alpha test, which will begin on August 14 (but will be available for pre-load the day before). Ea stated in a blog post today that the test is built directly from the initial alpha ...[Read More]

Fortnite Weapon And Building Adjustments

Nerf, Nerf, Nerf. Epic games have just released changes which include Buffs to materials – increasing the HP levels. Nerfs to the compact SMG – reducing the damage and the clip size and they have also done nerfs to the Drum Gum – which entitles a whole lot of changes. This is what Epic Games has to say: Heya folks, We’ve seen various discussions about SMGs, building material chan...[Read More]

PUBG’s Dogebomb Event Mode Is Explosive

PUBG’s Dogebomb Event Mode Is Explosive So instead of going in with a gun, you’ll be getting dropped in armed with 20 grenades. You will be dropped in as one of three ten-person teams. PUBG’s Dodgebomb Event Mode is going to its most explosive yet, Dodgebomb promises to bring a new level of destruction to the game. This is what the mode will entitle: “Set exclusively on deb...[Read More]

Fortnite now downloadable on Android thanks to leakers

Fortnite is due to release on Android pretty soon and it is due to be an exclusive for the Glaxay Note 9 for a whole 30 days, you can see that article here. However, people clearly couldn’t wait as leakers have leaked the unreleased APK file of the Android version, however, it is only compatible for certain devices these are: Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy A7 2017 Galaxy on7 2016 Galaxy S7/Edge Galaxy...[Read More]

First Gameplay Of Fortnite Mobile On Android

Samsung is going to reveal the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th, 2018 at 8 AM PT, If you are not aware Samsung have partnered with Epic Games to bring out Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 30 days before it releases on other Android devices. Not only this but if you buy the Glaxay Note 9 you will receive 15,000 V-Buck plus there might be an exclusive skin. You can check the article out here. XDA De...[Read More]

Snobby Shores treasure map location revealed In Fortnite

The Fortnite treasure map has been leaked a day earlier, and we are here to help you be among the first to grab it, all we ask is you follow us on Twitter as a thank you. The next set of Fortnite weekly challenges unlocks at 14:00 BST (09:00 ET) tomorrow. Now granted we only wrote this article but it was @FNLeak who found the information so all credit goes to them. As you can see from the leaked F...[Read More]

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