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Google Announces Stadia at GDC

At the Game Developers Conference, Google has announced its upcoming gaming platform called Stadia. And it sounds impressive. If Google is able to deliver half of what they have promised, then Stadia is positioned to truly change how games are played. So how does this work? Well, apparently, you will be able to play high quality games through a browser on almost any device. Stadia games will not r...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Online Adds Free NES Games In March

The free NES games for March are available for Nintendo Switch Online. For those unaware, Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers can play from a list of classic NES games at no extra charge. This month’s additions are Kid Icarus and Star Tropics. If you happen to live and play in Japan, Yie Ar Jung-Fu and Fire Emblem are also available. Nintendo has been steadily releasing more and more classic NES ti...[Read More]

Audio Suggests That Titans Are Coming To Apex Legends

Titans may be coming to Apex Legends. Yes, we know you have heard tons of rumors and speculation, but this time there is audio. Allegedly. The site, Gaming Intel, claims that they have uncovered proof that Titans and other enemies are coming to Respawn’s hit, Apex Legends. The site states, “Gaming INTEL has manipulated the game in such a way that characters have started saying the word ‘Titan’, am...[Read More]

Turok Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Ah, the 90’s. It was a magical decade full of grunge music, frosted tipped hair, and amazing video games. Some could argue that the first-person shooter was born in the 90’s. Goldeneye alone holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. But there are several other shooters that are remembered fondly from that golden age of gaming.   Imagine our delight when word came that Turok was comi...[Read More]

New Devil May Cry 5 Trailer Drops With Live Action Cutscenes

Capcom has released a new trailer for Devil May Cry 5. And it’s live action! Now before you get too excited, the ‘live action’ is the pre-visualization shots used to help develop the cutscenes in a game. You can think of it as a physical rehearsal used to get a visual idea of how scenes will play out. By itself, it is a neat look at some of the behind the scenes work that goes into making a video ...[Read More]

Respawn Aware of Apex Legends Hit Box Issues

Respawn Entertainment has been made aware of some hit box issues in Apex Legends. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you have at least tried Respawn’s surprise hit, Apex Legends. If you haven’t, go start the download and come back (it’s free). Back? Good. Well, it turns out that there are some inconsistencies with Pathfinder’s hit boxes. A YouTuber by the name of SookieSpy posted a...[Read More]

PlayStation 5 Might Have Backwards Compatibility

Sony has registered patents that could indicate the PlayStation 5 will feature backwards compatibility. Registered in Japan, the patent is titled “Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility”. In a nutshell, this refers to a system that is designed to allow communication between two components. This is important because current and future generations of gaming consoles actually n...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Announces Retirement

It is the end of an era. The President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has announced his retirement. After 15 years, Fils-Aime announced that he will be stepping down to spend more time with his wife, family, and friends. In a very Reggie video posted to Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, he stated, “I leave in good health and good spirits and believe me, my body is still ready.” Ove...[Read More]

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Has Been Delayed

During today’s highly anticipated Direct, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Three Houses has been delayed. The news was delivered after an impressive video that went in-depth into the game. Anime quality cut scenes were shown depicting the complicated struggle between the titular three houses. The overall story arc has the player enrolled in an officer’s school, where all three houses were repre...[Read More]

New Rage 2 Trailer Shows Gameplay and Hoverbikes

Bethesda has just released more footage showcasing gameplay of the upcoming Rage 2. The video clocks in at about 9 minutes and provides our best look at the game so far. The environment looks incredibly detailed with the lighting of a low setting sun casting appropriate shadows across the wasteland. Even without a controller in hand, the shooting has a very satisfying look to it. Enemies take soli...[Read More]

New Trailer Hits For Upcoming World War Z Game

A new trailer has appeared for the upcoming World War Z game by Saber Interactive. The trailer focuses on intense multiplayer action. On display were teams of four wielding the typical assault rifles and shotguns used in your average zombie killing game. World War Z is touting something new in the hopes of setting the game apart from the run of the mill zombie shooter. The trailer mentions gamepla...[Read More]

GTA V Cheater Ordered To Pay $150,000

A man who developed a program to allow players to cheat in GTA V has been ordered to pay $150,000. Jhonny Perez, of Florida, had created a cheat program named ‘Elusive’ and had been selling it to customers for $10-$30. Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, won the case after a judge ruled the cheat harmfully disrupted the balance of the game’s design. US District Court Judge ...[Read More]

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