Joshua Boast

Joshua Boast

Hi there, My name's Josh and I am a student studying Games Journalism & PR at Staffordshire University. My username is BoastAG which stands for Boast About Games, which is pretty self explanatory. Narrative games and RPG's are among my most favorite games to play. Particularly the Kingdom Hearts series and choice-based games made by Telltale. Games that tug the heartstrings are clearly my weakness. I'm a member of a dance society named LunaGaze and an experienced ShadowRun player (tabletop). Feel free to follow me on Twitter ;)

Vampyr Will Soon Be Updated With Two New Difficulty Modes

Dontnod’s gothic, action-RPG is currently in the process of having a new update coming soon later in the summer. No official date has been mentioned but the update is said to include optimization tweaks and two new difficulty modes for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.   Set in London, 1918, a doctor named Jonathan Reid has been turned into a bloodthirsty vampire. The player must now control Dr...[Read More]

IPhone X’s New “Unleash” Advert shows Improved Mobile Gaming

Apple has just released a brand new advertisement to help promote their IPhone X’s improved gaming performance.   Apple has announced the device has been implemented with a new A11 Bionic chip. In this advert, the company shows its new processing power by also promoting the new multiplayer mobile game, Vainglory.   The new A11 Bionic chip contains a 2.4 GHz chip which enables the f...[Read More]

Square Enix Partners with Blacknut To Stream Premium Mobile Games

Square Enix has teamed up with a French company, Blacknut, to release a series of new mobile games through their online streaming service.   Many of these games are among Square’s most successful mobile titles such as Lara Croft GO, Hitman GO, Deus Ex GO and Hitman Sniper. The games will be available on any of the supported devices that Blacknut provides such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, PC...[Read More]

Niantic Introduces Three-Strike Policy to Prevent Cheaters in Pokemon Go

Niantic has now introduced a new policy to give cheaters a chance to reform before being banned permanently. Niantic wishes to keep their active-player base by maintaining a level of trust between the developers and their fans. When it comes to cheating, either through illegally changing the GPS location or accessing the accounts of rival trainers, Niantic has promised to offer a three-step proces...[Read More]

Overwatch’s New Social Features Succeed in Cutting Down Toxic Behavior

A few days ago, Overwatch’s Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, has happily announced a successful decrease in inappropriate behavior within its community. A few weeks ago, June 26th, Overwatch announced a new social feature with the game named the “Endorsement” system. This new function allowed players to send an endorsement to teammates that they believed have performed well, worked nicely and has shown...[Read More]

New Hardware Patch for Nintendo Switch to Defend against Hackers

New Hardware Patch for Nintendo Switch to Defend against Hackers     As of July 11th, Nintendo Switch has authorized all-new Switch with a brand new Nvidia Tegra Chip security patch to protect against hacker exploits. After being noticed back in April that hackers could break into the console’s operating system and illegally run pirated apps and games, Nintendo was left with no choice bu...[Read More]

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