Joshua Boast

Joshua Boast

Hi there, My name's Josh and I am a student studying Games Journalism & PR at Staffordshire University. My username is BoastAG which stands for Boast About Games, which is pretty self explanatory. Narrative games and RPG's are among my most favorite games to play. Particularly the Kingdom Hearts series and choice-based games made by Telltale. Games that tug the heartstrings are clearly my weakness. I'm a member of a dance society named LunaGaze and an experienced ShadowRun player (tabletop). Feel free to follow me on Twitter ;)

China Increases Video Game Restrictions to Combat Myopia in Children

China is hardening its stance on video games in what seems to be an effort to prevent Myopia (near-sightedness) from developing within children and teenagers.   The BBC reported the recent update as China is now implementing new guidelines when it comes to games. This includes limiting the number of online games coming into the country and also controlling the play-time that parents let their...[Read More]

Weather Factory Launches Coven Club to Support Women in Games

Weather Factory, the developers of Cultist Simulator and other games, have launched the Coven Club Initiative to help support women who work within the games industry.   Studio Co-founder, Lottie Bevan will be running this monthly event in order to help women everywhere establish valuable connections and develop new friendships with other women who work in the many areas of video games. The f...[Read More]

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Finally Revealed

With a game as hype as this, were all very excited to finally take a first look at the official gameplay of upcoming RPG, Cyperpunk 2077.   CD Projekt RED revealed the footage during a mysterious Twitch livestream that showed nothing more than a string of unreadable code. The footage unveiled a large amount of gameplay, showcasing many of its new mechanics as well as photogenic shots of the g...[Read More]

Capcom Teases Possible Resident Evil 3 Remake

With the excitement surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom have given possible hints at remaking the next installment to the franchise, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.   A few weeks ago, video game publisher and developer Capcom proclaimed in a financial report that they were currently looking into the possibility of making more remakes. According to them, they stated “Regard...[Read More]

New Action-Packed Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Revelaed at Gamescon 2018

With the hype surrounding the latest installment to the hack and slash series, brand new footage of Devil May Cry 5 has just been revealed at this year’s Gamescon.   Last week, it was confirmed by Capcom that new footage was promised to be shown at Gamescon. That promise was delivered as an entire demo was shown available to play, including a boss battle right at the end of it.   I...[Read More]

The Witcher Creators Plan to Open New Mobile Studio

Game developer and The Witcher creator, CD Projekt, have established a new branch of there studio targeted towards mobile devices. Named Spokko, this will be working on a yet-unannounced project in the possible future.   CD Projekt is a polish video game publisher founded in 1994. They are most well-known for the creation of The Witcher video game series. This award-winning franchise is known...[Read More]

Pokemon GO Datamine Hints at Gen 4

With Pokemon GO continuing its growth and its popularity remaining strong, it seems Niantic still has plenty left in store for us with the hopeful release of the Gen 4 Pokemon. A recent datamine into the game seems to point towards this inevitable step into the game’s future.   When speaking of Gen 4 Pokemon, these are the ones that originate from the Sinnoh region, more commonly known ...[Read More]

Blizzard Says Overwatch on Switch is Possible, StarCraft 2 is Unlikely

With the excitement of Diablo III being available on Switch, some have hope that other great titles from the company could have a possible port. Blizzard says one of them maybe possible.   In an interview with GameSpot, Diablo III’s senior producer, Pete Stilwell, was the first to be asked about the possibility of Overwatch being accessible for the Nintendo Switch. He says, “Anyth...[Read More]

Judges Wanted For Independent Games Festival 2019

With new contestants and pitchers arriving for the 21st annual Independent Games Festival, the time has come to now look for new judges to offer their wisdom and expertise.   Similar to last year, organizers are now extending their invitation and opening up a new role call for all potential applicants looking to be the judges of their signature competitions and award ceremonies. The candidate...[Read More]

EA’s Chief Design Officer is Stepping Down

Patrick Soderlund, Chief Designer of U.S. publisher, EA, is stepping down from his position after nearly two decades in its service.   CEO, Andrew Wilson, made the announcement to all EA employees in an open letter, available to view on their official website. He states that after a long time working with the company, Patrick is now ready to “begin a new chapter” from this point o...[Read More]

SEGA of America Appoints Ian Curran as New President

Game developer branch, Sega of America, has just appointed Ian Curran as new Senior Operating Officer and company President.   Ian Curran is said to have decades of experience within the games industry. This includes skills in global marketing and video game publishing. He has previously worked for THQ, Acclaim and more recently with gaming accessories designer, GioTeck.   In his new rol...[Read More]

The 2019 Independent Games Festival is Now Open For Submissions

The organizers of the 2019 Game Developers Conference are now accepting submissions for the 21st Annual Independent Games Festival, one of the longest running events which showcase the brilliant people behind future independent games.   The event will be run by the UBM Tech Game Network and will take place on March 18th to March 22nd at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center. Officia...[Read More]

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