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Daily Gaming Report, aims to be your go-to spot for all the latest gaming news. We provide gaming news for PC, Microsoft, Sony, and of course Nintendo.

Here at Daily Gaming Report, it is our Aim, not only to provide you with the latest gaming news but to also provide detailed content you won’t find elsewhere.

Not only that but we are continually working on the website to make sure you only get the news you want, So if you create an account on our site you will be able to follow all the games you are interested in and then go to the following page to see all the news for the games you follow.

As well as that we have implemented a review feature into the site, So users can now review games. As what we don’t want is for our review to be the only opinion on the game.

News – News is essential for us here at Daily Gaming Report, so we try to make sure that our website has the most up-to-date news on all the games you love. We go into as much detail as possible so you won’t have to look all over the internet trying to find that one piece of information.

Feature – Feature Content is all of our original content, so you will find articles such as Top 10 lists, Everything we know about… and other original content.

Reviews – Reviewing a game is something we want to focus on this year, as we know how important a review is. It could be the reason you do/don’t buy a game. So when it comes to reviews, we always leave our honest opinion.

Do note that our reviews may be a little late this is because we want to play the game before giving our thoughts. What we don’t want is to play the game for 5 minutes and then rush the review out.


Daily Gaming Report, is like a family, so when it comes to all the team members here a DGR we all work hard together to achieve the site’s goals. For more information on the team, you can go here.

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